Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Week's Workout Recap / March Recap / April's Goals

March 24th - March 30th


It was freezing cold and miserable AGAIN so I decided to skip the running portion of my training regime and do an hour of cross training.  I lifted my arms and then did a lot of core.  I figured going to the gym and at least doing something was better than nothing at all!


Once again it was freezing cold and actually SNOWING on March 26th.  My arms were sore from cross training the night before, but I decided to hit up an extra Barre class so that I was again at least doing something. This class was more intense than the one I normally do, and with already fatigued arms, I was definitely feeling it.  It was a tough work out, but I enjoyed it as always.

You guessed it, still freezing.  I need to be more hardcore about getting out there in the cold, but I had a pounding headache from work and was depressed about the cold, so I skipped my run again.  Excuses I know, but it is the truth.


I was all set to go running and do a Tempo run on Thursday.  Unfortunately, we ended up having something pretty huge come up with the house that ended up taking up out entire evening.  I was dressed and ready to go out, but had to solve our house issue, so I missed my workout.  I was NOT happy as you can imagine.


I took another Barre class, my normal Friday one.  My parents were coming to visit for the weekend, but I still managed to get it in before they arrived.  After a week of missed opportunities I was glad to do something, even if it was just cross training again.


I FINALLY got out on a run.  I did a 4+ mile Tempo run at a pretty decent pace.  It was sprinkling rain when I started out and raining pretty steadily by the time I finished.  At least I finally was tough enough to get out there in the weather and do something.  I was pretty happy with the run overall, but unfortunately my left toe is still bothering me pretty badly.  I'm starting to get pretty worried about how the 15k is going to go on April 6th.


I was signed up to go to a Yoga class at the new studio by my house.  I left to head to class.....AND....the car wouldn't start.  I ended up having to call AAA and stand in the rain for 90 minutes getting a new battery.  SIGH. Obviously I missed the class and the gym was closed by the time I was finished.  It was still POURING rain, so I drained my sorrows in a bowl of mac n cheese that I immediately regretted.  The best laid plans...

Total Miles for March: 51.7 (Including my work out on Monday that I actually DID get in.)

My thoughts on March 2014

I'm actually pretty happy with this amount of mileage, even though I am NOT happy with the lousy March weather this month.  This is the most I have run by FAR since last July when my toe started bothering me tremendously.  It might not seem like much, but I only ran 14.6 in February, to give a comparison.

My toe is bothering me, but I am hoping to keep pushing through it and have some successful spring races.  I am also hoping to up my mileage a bit in April if possible.  I was a wuss in March with the weather (I really can't do cold. At all.) Hopefully April will be MUCH warmer with a lot less precipitation.  I'm not going to get my hopes up too much though.

I'm also thinking it might have been good to not push my toe/foot much over 50 miles my first month back into training.  I know some people can do that in a week, but with my injuries, 50 in a month isn't too bad ha!  I also was able to incorporate a good amount of cross training this month, which is normally my weakest area, so this makes me happy.

My goals for April are:

1) Increase Mileage

2) Increase Speed Work outs

3) Continue Cross Training Regime

4) Pain Management

I'd also like to have a solid 15k time (my first!) and a solid 5k.  I think it might be too much to ask to want to PR in my 5k...but I can dream right?!

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