Saturday, March 22, 2014

Correct Toes and Bunions

I have some pretty serious bunions (genetic) that have been irritated by years of distance running.  Starting last June I began to have some MAJOR pain in my left big toe while training for a half marathon that was making it difficult to run at all, let alone long distances.  I detailed some of what I have done in an attempt to cure this/avoid surgery in a previous post.  Today I wanted to talk about Correct Toes since they seem to be the best non-surgery option I can find through my personal research.

The reviews that are available for Correct Toes are INCREDIBLE and when I first learned about them, it made me want to order them immediately.  Correct Toes is basically a spacer that fits between your toes that can specifically eliminate bunion issues.  Review after review says that they have straightened people's feet and eliminated their foot pain for bunions and other toe related issues.  They seem to be a really great, non-surgery option for a lot of people. I can't even describe how excited I was to order them after reading the reviews this past fall.

I am still  wearing mine in the hopes that they will work, but so far they haven't seemed to help me very much.  I know this is probably because I can not wear them with my work shoes as any shoes that I own that are "work appropriate" would definitely not allow for the toe spread that is required for this product.  Also, I have been unable to run in them since the silicon in my toes hurts me when I run making it basically impossible, not the actual toe spacing, but the product rubbing between my toes pushes and puts too much pressure.

I try to wear them after work and to sleep in every night.  Today I wore them when I took the dogs on a short walk.  I still haven't seen much progress though.  My left toe is definitely getting WORSE if anything.  I was on a training run today where my toe hurt so bad by the end I could barely move.

I am SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED because running is my absolute favorite activity and, honestly, a huge part of my personal identity.  Am I not using the Correct Toes correctly?  I want them to work for me as they did for so many others SO badly!  Anyone else try this product?  Anyone have any suggestions for how to use them better or to solve bunion related big toe pain?  HELP!

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