Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cross Training: Barre Amped Classes

I really don't like cross training.  I like to run...and that is about it.  This is also why in the winter I tend to gain weight since I'm never motivated to go the gym.  I don't like the elliptical; I don't like the bike; I don't like lifting weights.  I will do all of the above things, but it really takes some effort on my part to do these things.  I totally understand that cross training is important, especially strength training, but that doesn't mean that I have to LIKE IT.  I've also tried doing yoga, which I do like, but have never been able to get as fanatical about it as everyone else seems to be.  Then about a month ago I tried something new that has TOTALLY changed my thoughts on cross training: Barre classes!!

I had been hearing good things about Barre classes from various sources.  Everyone was saying that it was a great work out and a lot of fun.  After a horrible, cold, snowy winter/spring that was making it difficult to run consistently, I finally decided to try it myself and bought a package of Barre classes at La Maison in Wayne.

I love it.

No really.  I absolutely LOVE IT.  I'm not sure if I expressed accurately how much I hate cross training normally, but something about Barre is just different for me.  The class that best fits my schedule is one on a Friday afternoon.  This means that I am willingly and consistently going to the gym on a Friday afternoon to take a class.  I WANT to go and look forward to it.  If you know me, this really is incredible.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Barre, it combines ballet, yoga, and pilates into one class.  I love taking a class that combines all three disciplines.  This means that what we are doing in class changes and keeps me interested.  There is a wide variety of activities and movements that give me  a fantastic whole body workout.  I can already feel my legs and core getting stronger, not to mention my posture getting better.

If you get bored with group activity classes, or hate going to the gym, I REALLY suggest trying out Barre! I am HOOKED!

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